Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We have moved~

I've decided to move from blogspot to wordpress to better abuse password protected pages and posts.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Because I'm too Lazy to Edit

Pro Mystery Box

This mystery box is just absolutely disappointing. The fillers are pretty much junk -- as are most mystery boxes. 

The Easter Egg is a mystery box in itself. You're not guaranteed that you'll get a good demon from it. It can get you nice little prize or a total fail. Inexperienced Lilim? Sure -- I'm clearly too lazy to go down into the docks.


Mystery Boxes are bad enough on their own -- don't put another mystery box in. 

Hell sell the damn thing in the item mass for 500AP or some price like that.

I'm in your caves stealing your Daisos~

I'm in your Caves Stealing your Daisos
Ok so, this was back when Daiso was pretty fresh. Also -- for those that didn't know I made Game Sage after applying sometime back. Anyway, continuing on -- I love this golden tag. It makes me so high profile it's absolutely hilarious. I mean let's completely disregard the other three clan members I had there. Let's disregard my other two clannies accidentally blowing the entire party up. Let's just focus on the Game Sage.

Let's face it. It's an open dungeon and anybody can see a spawn. Hell, I don't see people reporting the countless Phantom KS I see around. People who complain about something as idiotic as this should play an MMO with open PK. They won't last a day out there.

So I decided to finally get off my ass and make a melee guide. Clearly monthly promises of "I'll update my Melee Guide" regarding this specific guide wasn't enough to motivate any sort of update. Prior to the posting of my guide, the last update was in May 2009. Since it's been edited let me highlight a few things that were there.

Demolition Dash was listed in the Chain Expertise. For fucks sake it's a mage skill.
Retaliation has not been implemented.

Now all you naysayers out there -- I am well aware that my own Synthesis Items thing hasn't been finished. Bite me. I'm a hypocrite in this manner and I really only started that to get people to stop going "OMFG ELEMENTAL KOTETSU FIRST IN THE SERVER OFFER ME MILLIONZ." I made that out of spite.


So after all these months I finally got my revenge. Q_Q

Anyway I've had one specific project I've been working on. I scrapped my Nyar obsession and decided to just raise demons for funsies. I'm not much of a PvPer anymore so I've been focusing on two demons solely for PvE and for fun -- I didn't care too much for their resistances, but meh -- it's not like they're absolutely horrendous.

That's all for now.


Saturday, February 27, 2010

*-~Custos Morum~-* Ch: 1

Author's Note: I'm picking up writing again (or attempting to) rofl

Custos Morum: Chatper 1

"Ah, it seems we have a guest," chimed a voice from just around the corner, its tone playful and pleasing to the ear, "I hope you have the money to stay here if that's what you're here for."

A man walked into the room from an open door and stood behind the counter. He had a simple white shirt, stained with juice. His belly stuck out a little bit from the bottom of the shirt he worse, muffin-topping a little past the waist of his blue jeans. He was balding, and the jolly face of his appeared to mark him in his mid-30s.

"Why yes, the name is Donovan Archer Summers," introduced the man who had entered this building. He wore a long coat that was buttoned closed, black slacks, and loafers. A rolling luggage bag sat beside him. It was a dull gray, thick, wide, and as tall as his leg.

From behind the counter, the other man wiped his hands on his shirt, staining it with oil. "My name's Ralf with an f. I don't want none of that Ral-p-huu with a P and a H." He laughed raucously, and Donovan leaned to the side to avoid a flying ball of spit. "I'm the owner of this establishment. I see myself as a pretty hip guy, down to earth, so don't mess with me and you'll be fine." He extended a hand out to his guest.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Ralf." Donovan said, exchanging handshakes with the jolly man with hidden disgust behind his face. "I think I can keep out of your way as long as you keep out of mine." He said jokingly, hoping he wouldn't have to interact with Ralf at any other time aside from checking out.

Ralf pulled out a clipboard that was missing the clip. To remedy this problem, he had previously stuck a tack through the papers in an attempt to safely secure them to the clipboard. He slid the clipboard to Donovan, dropping a pen almost daintily on top of the papers.

"There go fill that out." Ralf said

Donovan reached for the pen, his fingers feeling the oil on the handle.He scanned the sheets, filling out the pieces of information in a very professional manner. Within a few minutes, he finished the documents and slid the clipboard and pen back toward Ralf.

"Alright let's see what we have here." Ralf moved his finger down each line, leaving a faint trail of grease. "You're staying here for an indefinite amount of days?" He quirked a brow, almost cautious of Donovan. "What business you got here?"

"My wife's been on my ass the past month or so. I need to hide out and cool down " Donovan said coolly, putting up a very casual front. He had his own agenda he wanted to keep private. Ralf laughed at his response, nodding in agreement. He sloppily placed the clipboard back where he got it without even bothering to remove the papers.

Ralf took a set of keys hanging from the wall and tossed them toward Donovan. "Yer room's over on the third floor. Room 311."

Donovan nodded and began walking up the stairs.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Win. Epic Win.


So I opened up the tradelist in Megaten today and clicked on an item. I got this epic 5 slotted item!

Summon Speed -25%?!
Almighty RESIST -20%?!
The rest is unimportant. <3

<3 Laggy Glitches.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Real Updatez?

Fucks you too Snakeman. Fucks you too.

So I've been working on my alt, Spring`Amaryllis. I have fairly high hopes for her -- If she disappoints me then I'll just Q_Q pretty hard. At the same time, I won't  be too surprised if it fails because I'm used to testing out different super quirky builds that aren't too reliable. Chances are I'll have to modify a few things relating to it. Either way, it's a fairly slow grind. I'm planning on picking up Lord of Armor first by way of Survival Techniques and Weapon Knowledge then raising attack. Following that, I'm planning on Raising attack, then rush, yadda yadda yadda.



Here's a kicker.

After a series of events, the likes of which sound like they came straight from a movie/K-Drama/Fairy Tale... Indi's found himself engaged irl. It's a little bit crazy, but it's something interesting to think about it.


Friday, February 19, 2010

Pro Expertise



This is my character's expertise history~